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House Clearance

A house clearance will often follow the loss of a family member or somebody close and we completely appreciate and fully understand how difficult a time this can be. We operate efficiently and with little disruption to make the process as smooth as we possibly can. We will survey/assess the property contents, agree on a price, from there on you can leave the rest to us. We take away all the stress and worry and after agreeing on terms we will completely clear your entire property of its contents,  if that is required, leaving it in a clean and presentable state. 


With over thirty years of experience buying and selling antiques and collectables, we have the knowledge, understanding and resources to be able to offer a valuation service. We can list items and provide values for estates and for your reference. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


The Process

    The process can involve any or all of the following

  • Authentication and checking marks to ascertain maker

  • Assessing condition, listing repairs, damage etc

  • Is the item collectable




Most antiques and items have makers marks, signatures and often hallmarks in the event of silver and jewellery - this will be checked and noted to add validity to the valuation. Items will be checked and inspected using a loupe/magnifying glass in the event of small/hallmarked items or to identify maker/signatures a particular maker can add great value to an item. Items of silver will be weighed and noted.


Antiques Valuation - Condition


The condition is paramount to the value of any item, we assess the condition, looking for cracks, chips, repairs etc which will affect value. Restoration can increase the value of an item if it is a rare piece. Minor repairs may not have an effect on the piece but only an expert evaluation can make that determination.

If a piece has salvage value it can still be worth something, especially in the case of jewellery or damaged silver or a rarity. 


Antiques Valuation - Rarity


Rarity will play a part in the value of an item, a rare item with some damage may still be worth more than a lesser perfect piece. Important to understand that old does not mean valuable. If there is a demand for the item, then it has value. There are many items over 100 years old that have no value. 



Antiques Valuation - Authentication


Provenance is the keyword in authentication - if you have a history trail regarding a piece that you own this adds to a clearer understanding of the origin and authenticates the item. Authentication is also part of the valuation process. If a piece has been in your family for generations and you know how it was acquired by your family with an obvious trail of ownership then chances are you are dealing with a genuine antique. 

As you can see, the process of antiques is in-depth and valuation takes many things into consideration. 



We offer a professional photographic service that will create an accurate catalogue of your valuable items for insurance and security purposes. We have professional photographic equipment that we bring to your property - everything is done on site and in the safe haven of your property.

We take photos as clear as the candlesticks in the opposite picture - all photos will be put on a USB stick for your safekeeping or uploading onto your computer.


The benefits to you in the event god forbid of fire, theft or loss is immeasurable. We can incorporate jewellery, silver, furniture in fact just about anything.

For peace of mind, there is no better way of documenting your valuables.