Asset Valuations for Insurance/Probate


Insurance valuations are so often overlooked until it is too late and a disaster strikes, theft, fire, loss and the lack of proof of value may prevent you from receiving the correct compensation. In some cases, this could amount to many thousands of pounds.


The importance of having a detailed catalogue of your valuables is literally worth its weight in gold!


Probate Valuations of Assets for Insurance and Inheritance Tax purposes are essential and a very important part of administering an estate.  

The Art of Quality will provide valuations for specialist works of art, antiques, and collectibles for inheritance tax purposes.

A professional  valuation will allow for the following:

  • It enables HMRC to calculate the correct amount of inheritance tax payable

  • It can identify and value items listed in the will, required by executors

  • It can establish the approximate value of assets, which will allow equitable division

Our Insurance/Probate Service*

Being independent we offer clear concise advice and guidance throughout the process.


Our insurance/probate service provides:

  1. A digital PDF copy of the valuation for you and any other executors (Insurance & Probate)

  2. A digital PDF copy for your solicitor* (for Probate only)

  3. We are happy to travel to any location in the UK 

Following our visit and valuation, we are able to assist with the disposal of any items, whether that be a single valuable item or a full clearance of your property.



Insurance & Probate Valuation Costs

Our services are based on the time we require to provide you with a professional service to document your chosen items for valuation.

Our fees are £120 for the first hour, £45 per half hour thereafter and travel at £0.50p per mile .

We only charge for the period of time we are at the property.

We supply all photographic equipment and provide you with a documented probate valuation list of your chosen items.

Approximate costs:

Every client will have different requirements, however, to give you a brief overview and a rough perspective of what you can expect.

  • For a standard estate liable to inheritance tax owing to the value of the property and/or assets in the bank.  

  • Allowing for 5 - 7 items, all valued under £500
    (1 hour likely to be needed)

  • For a standard estate liable to inheritance tax owing to the value of the property and/or assets in the bank.  Allowing for 7 - 15 items, several items valued over £500
    (2 hours likely to be needed)

  • For a large estate liable to inheritance tax owing to the value of the property and/or assets in the bank and  Allowing for a large number of high-value items in the property.  
    (3 hours+ likely to be needed)