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Welcome to The Art of Quality Antiques. I'm Lee Sherman, and I'm glad you're here.

With more than thirty years in the antique business, I've focused on keeping history alive and selecting special pieces with genuine passion and know-how.

My journey has given me a sharp eye for real antiques, sharpened through research, constant learning, and hands-on experience across different historical eras and styles.

Connecting with collectors, enthusiasts, and fellow dealers has been key, helping me stay in the loop on market trends and industry insights while making it easier to find and sell rare treasures.

I take pride in doing business ethically, making transparency and honesty central to every deal to build trust and assurance for all involved.

Over the years, I've handled amazing pieces, been part of top-notch antique shows, and helped countless clients find the perfect historical item for their homes or collections.

Most importantly, I'm dedicated to giving outstanding customer service, keeping communication open and honest to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Sell to us confidently, knowing you're dealing with a trusted pro who values honesty and preserving the past. Welcome to The Art of Quality Antiques.


If you have items to sell or a property that needs clearing our helpful dedicated team will assist with every aspect of your clearance. We can have your house cleared quickly and efficiently, enabling you to get on with other matters. 


We attend many of the top antiques and collectors fairs up and down the country and are always looking for new additions to sell.  Our varied stock from around the world coupled with our competitive prices attract customers from many countries and our interesting selection of ever-changing products keep our clients coming back to discover what newly purchased or consigned surprises we have to offer.

We are happy to take certain items on consignment, whereby you retain ownership but we take the goods and when the item is sold we divide the proceeds. We do all the running, marketing and selling, you receive your share once sold, it's another option to consider?


​If a full clearance is involved, as inevitably not all items are suitable for us, we make sure these end up in the right hands to create potential income for charitable foundations.  


Whenever possible we will always try and help local charities or a charity of your choice.Our donation and consignment policies are straightforward and customer-friendly.We’re here to help you sell, shop or donate!

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