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Why You Should Always Contact An Antique Dealer First!

Calling in a house clearance company before consulting an antique dealer can be a mistake for several reasons:

1. Lack of Expertise: House clearance companies specialize in clearing out properties quickly and efficiently. They may not have the expertise to recognize valuable antiques or understand their true worth. Antique dealers, on the other hand, have a deep knowledge of antiques and can accurately assess their value.

2. Undervaluing Items: House clearance companies often prioritise speed and efficiency, which can lead to undervaluing or even discarding valuable antiques as common household items. Without the expertise of an antique dealer, you may miss out on substantial profits.

3. Potential Loss of History: Antiques often come with historical significance and stories that add to their value. An antique dealer can provide context and provenance, making the item more attractive to potential buyers. House clearance companies may not preserve this historical information.

4. Missed Opportunities for Restoration: Antique dealers can recognise items that are worth restoring, even if they are in poor condition. House clearance companies may simply dispose of damaged items without considering their potential value after restoration.

5. Lower Returns: House clearance companies may offer a lump sum for the entire contents of a property, which might not account for the true value of individual antiques. Antique dealers can negotiate better prices for valuable items, ensuring you get the maximum return on your investment.

6. Potential Regret: Once items are cleared from the house, it can be challenging to retrieve them if you later realize their value. You may regret not consulting an antique dealer before the clearance, especially if you discover that you've disposed of valuable antiques.

7. Missed Networking Opportunities: Antique dealers often have connections with collectors, auction houses, and other buyers in the antique market. Consulting with a dealer can help you tap into these networks, increasing your chances of selling your antiques for a better price.

In summary, calling a house clearance company before consulting an antique dealer can be a mistake because it may lead to undervaluation, the loss of historical context, missed opportunities for restoration, lower returns, potential regret, and missed networking opportunities. To maximise the value of your antiques, it's advisable to seek the expertise of an antique dealer first.

If we can assist in helping you identify the value within your items, please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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