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Quality always remains Quality!

One of the first realisations I had thirty five years ago when starting in this wonderful business is that a thing of beauty in ones eyes will always remain a thing of beauty.

Ergo, if you like something on first sight you will always feel that way about the item. Whether that be a beautiful silver frame, a beautifully modelled figure or a stunning piece of art glass. Once smitten....

The amount of times over the years are too numerous where a client or other dealer had stopped at a piece I had, admired it, waxed lyrical about it and then decided to hold off on purchasing until they had looked around, only to return later on to discover someone else had snapped it up. The disappointment could not be hidden.

The lesson learned was if something touches your heart and spirit, it always will.

Go and find your treasure, and if you do, don't dilly dally!!! Quality will always be quality.

Happy hunting!

The Art of Quality

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